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Time to get your spook on this October and Halloween month! The city of Charleston is full of haunted tales from the past, and these tours will bring them to life. Checkout some of our top ghostly tours going on this month and throughout the year in Charleston.

1. The Charleston Haunted Jail Tour

Charleston Haunted Jail Tour

You’ll hear about (& possibly encounter):
– The beautiful Miss Lavinia Fisher, quite possibly America’s first woman serial killer. She suffered so much in Charleston’s all-male jail even the devil wouldn’t take her when she died. She remains in the jail to this day.
– The jail was the last place they were together after the Battery Fort massacre.
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2. The Charleston Ghost and Graveyard Tour

Charleston Ghost and Graveyard Walking Tour

Hear about Charleston’s spirits and gruesome tales:
-The ghost of Sue Howard, a grieving mother who prays at the grave of her dead child from the spirit world.
– The Great Nullifier, famous Rebel warrior John C. Calhoun. Find out why he and his wife still dance in the street every year, for over 150 years running!
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3. The Charleston Ghost and Dungeon Tour

Charleston Ghost and Dungeon Tour

Experienced guides will chill you with stories of:
– Lowcountry superstitions of night time spirits like Plateyes and Boo Hags. Find out how to protect yourself from being followed home or ridden in your sleep.
– Haunted houses and structures like the South End Brewery where a famous Charlestonian tippler committed suicide after watching his family fortune burn and sink to the bottom of the harbor.
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4. King Street Haunted Pub Crawl

beerCheers to Charlestons haunted past:
– Prohibition laws, and how locals found ways to circumvent the laws. Tales of piracy and rum trade. Speakeasies and Bootleggers.
– Charleston’s ghosts, poltergeists and spirits doomed to the realm of mortals. Hear the tales of the ghosts that wander the streets of Charleston and that haunt our local establishments. Lowcountry superstitions of night time spirits like Plateyes and Boo Hags.
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5. The Darkside of Charleston (Rated R)

Dark Side of Charleston Walking TourLearn Charlestons dark secrets:
– The brutal murder of Rumpty Rattles in front of what is today the Gucci store on Market street. Only a Charleston lawyer could get a gunman charged with shooting a man in the back acquitted on self-defense.
– The old Speak Easy’s where bootlegger Vincent J. Chicco made a fortune selling tickets to “Blind Tiger Fights,” then used his money and influence to win election to the City Council for four consecutive terms. He also managed to be the chief investigator of all alcohol related crimes.
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