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Layovers are tricky. There’s never enough time to venture out so you sit in the airport and buy a $13 water bottle to drown your sorrows. Until now (Drumroll, please).

Here’s my guide to the Charleston Layover with activities arranged from quickest to longest that will turn your small window of time into memories for a lifetime. Or just another story to tell at a party. That is, if you’re invited.

The Charleston Haunted Jail Tour

Time: 45 Minutes

I’ll make this short: haunted jail tours are as unforgettable and shocking as they sound. But don’t worry. It’s like Monopoly so you won’t be thrown behind bars, you’re just visiting jail. The only crime you’d be guilty of is FOMO (fear of missing out) in the first degree. And a wise man once said, the only thing we have to fear is the fear of missing out on this Haunted Jail Tour itself. 

Southern Rendezvous

Time: 1 Hour

Time is of the essence so taking a brisk walk to learn about Charleston’s oddities and characters is the least you can do for the city that provided you a parking spot for your airplane. I mean c’mon. 1 hour, 60 minutes, or 3600 seconds of your time is nothing. You don’t even need a long layover to make this tour happen and it’s sure to be the spark that brings you back to Charleston. 

Murder Walk: “Whodunit” Walking Tour

Time: 90 Minutes

Usually when people call me Sherlock, it’s sarcastic and it hurts my feelings. So my third piece of sage wisdom is to make every moment count by going on an interactive murder walking tour. Bring your oversized carry-on bag AND your oversized magnifying glass. It’s like CLUE in real life. Maybe you’ll finally meet Miss Scarlet, or for ladies, Colonel Mustard. That moustache!

Make sure to scroll down 👇 to learn more about these tours and check availability today!

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